Tiny Stadiums was co-curated by Christopher Hodge, Maria White and Amelia Wallin from 2012-2014.

Participating artists included:

Alexandra Clapham and Penelope Benton, Mitchel Cumming, Fitts & Holderness, Bron Batten, Alice Williams, David Capra, Leahlani Johnson, Rafaela Pandolfini

Nick Coyle, Kenzie Larsen, Hossein Ghaemi, Jennifer Hamilton and Craig Johnson, Zin Collective, Imogen Semmler

A Manual For Time Travel by Frances Barrett / Until Distance Passes by Lottie Consalvo / Fantasy Light Yoga by Deep Soulful Sweats / Girls To The Front by Hissy Fit / Story Title by Mook Gwa Institute / The People’s Weather Report / Let Them Eat Cake: Cake Action by Julia & Susie and Co. Trojans by Team Mess.